Thursday, October 7, 2010

Be Careful What You Ask For

I think I may have been asking for it when I stated in my last post that I was ready for normal.  I got normal all right…
I got normal in the form of sick children. Poor sis!  She is feeling miserable.  I took her to the pediatrician this morning because this is the third time she has gotten an upper respiratory in a month. This time she is running a pretty warm fever and feeling all around miserable. I thought maybe a sinus infection, but it turns out its just another nasty cold virus. So…lots of love, blankets, vitamins, and TV time have been ordered. 
I’ve also got normal in the form of a kitten who refuses to stay off the table.
DSC_0512Don’t let her cuteness fool you.  She is a spitfire and ace scavenger. The other morning the boys found Lauren’s fair doughnut that she was saving for an important snack on the hallway floor.  The doughnut, which was still inside a lunch baggie (thank goodness), had been maimed beyond recognition. Someone (doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who) had removed it from the kitchen counter in the middle of the night and chawed on it. Kitty has now earned the right to spend her nights shut down in the basement.

I must be really special, because I also have received normal in whining, bickering, disobedient children.
boys Aren’t they just adorable! HMMMM.  After a week off of our schedule, it seems these three hooligans think that life should be just as easy and laid back as the week we spent at the fair.  The disobedient bug bit and infected my boys with ornery attitudes and speech. Therefore, you can just imagine the whininess and lack of willingness, I encountered when it was time to get down to business. I think I’ve got them whipped back into shape…but it has not been an easy week for any of us.  LOTS of prayer, people, LOTS of prayer! And a good chunk of discipline didn’t hurt either.  I think we are now in a better place with our attitudes and mind sets…at least I hope so.
What IS normal anyway?!


  1. Carry a big stick Hon! Mama always said that normal was just a settin' on the washin' machine. :o)

    It's all relative baby! I sure hope your little sweetheart is feelin' bright an perky again.

    I'm MIA...I lost my Daddy this week but was able to spend time with him in Brownsville, Tx. That was a good thing and Dad is no longer in pain.

    God bless ya'll and have a marvelous weekend!!!

  2. I think you've reached "normal" sounds about right. On the other hand I read somewhere that "normal" is just a setting on the washing machine. ;-)

    Sweet photos!

    And sorry your little one is sick again!

    And...hang in are doing a noble work in training up those beautiful kids.


  3. My cat too...when you figure it out, let me know! Love your blog, I am looking to meet Christ filled women!

  4. what is normal anyway? That's a good question.

  5. I thought I was going to be original and say that "normal" is a setting on the washing machine...then I saw that 2 or 3 other comments contain the same sentiment. LOL Oh well, all us moms...we need to remember that.
    I totally know what you mean about wishing for "normal" and then getting it.

  6. When little ones are sick, it's no fun for a mama's schedule... or {more importantly} heart. (((hugs)))

  7. Yes really, what is normal!
    Hoping you all get through this quickly, hugs to you!


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