Monday, October 4, 2010

Ready For Normal

Last week was FULL.

A bit too full for my liking.

Fair week has a way of doing that to a 4-H family.

The boys showed and sold 4 of these…


and two rabbits.  The rest of the turkeys and 5 rabbits now fill up our freezer (except for the one lone tom who has a funky toe and a growth on his chest…he alone was spared and is at this moment wandering the yard).  MMMMM~we’ll be eating good this winter!

Even though it was busy and kept me in a constant state of motion, it was good! The boys worked hard right alongside, Joel and I.  They learned a lot and who wouldn’t enjoy hanging out at a country fair all week!  Their were hot fresh doughnuts, french fries, elephant ears, caramel apples…easy to put on a pound or two if your weren’t working so hard!

This week its back to normal…

DSC_0869 (if you can call this normal! :)

DSC_0872 (He’s a good brother, isn’t he!)

Its back to school for all of us.  I’m glad!  I’m ready for our daily schedule and I’m happy to be home.  My boys…they may tell you different, but at this point their opinion doesn’t really matter! :)

I’m looking forward to more home cooked meals and time spent together doing our normal.

boy2 DSC_0966 

sis-1Isaac DSC_0982


  1. Your normal looks very fun! :) Sometimes our normal is quite abnormal too. ;) I'm a *little* jealous of your fair stuff... I'm thinking about putting the kids in 4H, there is one in the area for homeschoolers (well, it meets at 10am on a weekday, so that makes it homeschool oriented) and you just encouraged me to do it! Enjoy NORMAL.

  2. Love their costumes!!! The 4H sounds wonderful - we have nothing over here like that, so I've only learnt about it through different blogs I've read.
    Enjoy your normal. I know I always enjoy the routine of school - even after the holidays.
    Have a great week

  3. hmmm....turkey, doughnuts....this post has my mouth watering...glad life will slow down a bit for you. We all need that!

  4. Isn't 'normal' lovely? I am so appreciating 'normal' this school year, as you know I was ripped off last year of a 'normal' school year. Routine, normal, same-old-same-old . . . ahhh, wonderful. Wait, did I just say that out loud?

    Love you, friend.

  5. How fun you all are Jenn! *Love* the photos of the kids...they are all beautiful (don't tell the boys I said that). The turkey photo makes me chuckle. :) What a wonderful opportunity to do 4H...your kids will take many life lessons with them into their adult years from that!

    Have a great "normal" week!

  6. Love the picture of the pirates! Hope it was a successful week for you. It amazes me how much you accomplish during Fair week! Love ya and hope you can visit sometime this Fall :)

  7. "NORMAL"...I have decided that is a relative term. Great photos and it sounds like a fun week!

  8. I think the busy times make us appreciate the 'normal' a bit more! Love the pictures! LOL!


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