Friday, October 29, 2010

This Girl

This girl, my dress up, lovin’ princess…

dress up-2dress up-6dress up-3      

dress up-1dress up-12dress up-9   

Makes my heart swell.

Such a gift.  Such a blessing.

Paints a smile on my face.

Produces fits of laughter.

And lights up every room she enters.

My forever girl who whispers of love for her forever momma.

Wrapping precious arms around my neck.

Filling my senses with abounding sweet calm.

God’s gift.  God’s blessing.


  1. Beautiful photos, beautiful words, beautiful girl.

    She looks like her Mommy.

  2. Just lookin' at her sweet face makes my heart leap girl. She is just a perfect little doll, that princess of yours!

    God bless ya'll and enjoy your fun filled weekend sweetie!!!

  3. She is definitely beautiful-those eyes! Women pay money to buy stuff that makes their lashes dream of looking like hers!

  4. You can tell her mom is a photographer, LOL! Very cute!

  5. Such a cutie pie! I love her silly faces!

  6. Such darling pictures! Enjoy and God bless.

  7. What beautiful eyes she has.....better to see you with! :) Wonderful post!! Blessings to you! ♥ Amy

  8. SUCH beautiful pictures, along with a beautiful little girl!! Love them all!


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