Monday, October 25, 2010

Picture Perfect Palace




A dish mountain building in the sink,

Books, notebooks, pencils, crayons scattered,

Laundry in various stages of doing and undoing,

Dinner simmering on the stove,

A Lego city in development stages on the living room floor,

Children running and laughing,

Candles flickering,

Hugs and smiles exchanged in passing,

Speaks more of a welcome sanctuary than any picture perfect palace.


  1. Sure sounds like the place to be on this windy 'fall' day.

    Love the new header sweetie.

    God bless your very busy sanctuary and have a terrific week!!! :o)

  2. LOVE this! :)

    We've been roasting pumpkin seeds like mad lately, you've inspired me to take a few pictures of them.

  3. Yes indeed!

    I couldn't agree more!

  4. Why can't I look through the cobwebs within this sanctuary as if I were looking through lace curtains within the palace?


    Isn't that what {they} call spider webs?? Lace Curtains? That's what my mom always referred to them... made her feel better I guess.

    *** Good post Jenn, as usual. :)

  5. Beautiful Jenn...*LOVE* it!! :)

  6. I might agree with some of it, but as I look around my abode...I'm thinking I'd like less chaos. ;) But, I'll take the mess if it comes with the hugs and smiles. I can remember years where I longed for mess and crying and all that goes with mommy-hood (infertility does that to ya).

  7. Love this Jenn!! :-) Sounds like my house!

  8. I totally agree. Sounds like a great home to me. Enjoy and God bless.

  9. Home is a beautiful place.. especially when it full of the people you love.

  10. Your blog has such beautiful photography! It is inspiring. I just joined and will be back for more visits!

  11. Sweet! I need remember the important things more. Thanks for the reminder!


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