Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Right Now


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We are cheering on spring!  It is struggling. Slowly, making it’s way to brighten our days.  There is still a chill in the air.  All our summer attire is still packed away and we are anxiously awaiting the warmth.  Knowing that soon we will feel the warm sun on our cheeks and feel the soft grass tickle our toes.  We will see the trees burst out in full leaves and smell the sweet country air as the heat encourages all the earth to bring forth the scent of new living green.  We know it will come and we wait with open eyes and hearts for it’s arrival.


We watched last night as Joel plowed up the garden.  Finally getting the ground worked, three weeks later than usual, due to the excessive amounts of rain.  It was a beautiful sight seeing the dirt turned over.  Smelling the scent of freshly worked soil. Noticing the variation of color with in the plot of ground was like artwork.  Big furrows tumble over each other right now, but soon after the disk and rotatiller have had their turns it will be smooth…ready and waiting for seeds and plants to be laid upon it.


Right now we are finishing up with school. Two more weeks await and then summer break begins. I have some uberly excited boys on my hands.  Who can blame them! Days spent outdoors exploring the woods, wading in the creek, improving on their fort…sounds like a boys paradise to me!

Here and now I am just Enjoying!  I am taking each day and savoring what the Lord has given me. I am not pushing myself to fit a myriad of things into each day.  I am learning to stay away from the computer and finding I have much more time for the life God has called me to.  I am listening, learning, moving, changing and most of all living for the Lord Jesus Christ, my Savior. He is calling me, beckoning me, holding out his hand to me, showing me SPRING in my life,  and I am following with all my heart!

Cherry blossom-w


  1. My sweet Jenn, your pictures are totally professional. I'm sittin' here in awe, especially the last one. WOW!

    I bet your little darlin' blue eyes just shines in her blue coat! She's a beauty!

    God bless and have a beautiful day with your precious family!

  2. *LOVED* this post my friend! And yes...*learning to stay away from the computer*...that is so important!! I hear you on that one! :)

    Your photos are GORGEOUS...I agree with Nezzy...totally professional! AND...are you going to make that last one into cards?? I vote yes! I just used the last one of the first set I purchased from your store...they were just lovely. :)

    Have a wonderful SPRING Jenn!


  3. Hello Darlin, we too are waiting, waiting . . . for Spring. I have been so busy doing things around here that have been put off for quite a few years due to health. It feels so good! I too am learning to stay away from the computer . . . it makes all the difference in what gets done and who gets paid attention too!

    Love you

  4. yes.. when we aren't doing school... we have been out soaking up this wonderful spring time weather.

    what a blessing HE has given us in this time of renewal.

  5. so good to hear from you.

    That sweet little country girl looks like she is bubbling over, ready for spring....just like her mama;)

    We have a few weeks of school left. We got behind with Levi's surgery, but i am so thankful we are well enough to "do" school.

    I can imagine your boys going stir crazy as they feel the warmer weather moving in.

    I'm so glad that you are getting this break that you need from blogging. It seems to open your mind up more as well as your time for God's work.

    Love You!

  6. Mmmm, You go girl! Drink it all in!!!


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