Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring Happening in our Neck of the Woods


Gardening is S-L-O-W going this year.  Normally I would have at least three-quarters of my garden planted by now.  It has been so wet here that all we have accomplished is to plow and disk the garden.  It is in desperate need of a good rotatilling.

I also have been a bit desperate.  I took my hoe in hand this weekend and worked the ground enough to put in two rows of beans.  Whew! That pooped me out! Talk about tough going.  I couldn’t do any more.

Thankfully I have a portion of the garden that has sandy soil.  A couple weeks ago I was able to put out my broccoli and cabbage. I also got my potatoes, lettuce, chard, and radishes in.  So there are a few things growing out there besides mud and weeds!


We had a break in the clouds today and I was able to get a few shots of the flowers in my flower garden.  Another thing to be thankful for….the flowers haven’t minded the deluge at all.  And all those raindrops on the flowers make for pretty pictures!

This morning after I put a couple loads of laundry on the line, Little Miss and I walked around the yard making the rounds.  We checked on the gardens to make sure the heavy rains hadn’t flattened any plants to the ground.  We checked some newly planted trees and she picked some pretty flowers!



Then we stopped in the rabbit barn.  She blessed the bunnies with a few dandelion greens and I suggested we get out one of the babies.  She didn’t turn me down and she hopped quietly from one foot to the other while I got her a baby to hold.  I had her sit on a log since they are a bit squirmy and have sharp nails.  Thankfully this little squirt was pretty calm and even acted like we were interrupting its morning nap.  We have 24 little fluff balls right now!  I love to watch them.  They are so adorable and soft and cute!  And did a mention fun!  We will be selling quite a few of them as 4-H projects.  Any left over will be used as breeders or meat.


I am so thankful for the spring weather, rain and all!  The birds singing and froggies peeping is pure music.  The glorious beauty of all the green and bright bold floral colors is calming to my soul!  The preciousness of new life is a reminder of our Great, Amazing, Compassionate, God.

Thank you Lord for the beauty of Your earth!


  1. Jenn~
    Our garden is off to a rough start too.
    Not because of rain though. But, because it has been extremely chilly here for spring.
    I love the bunnies!
    My boy wants a bunny for 4-H.
    Wish you were closer. :o)

  2. It seems everyone has wet-garden-woes. I'm just glad I'm not the only one! Our soil is sooooo wet and soooo heavy right now.

    You must be one busy momma with all those veggies in the garden and those critters to take care of! Loved getting this look into your world!

  3. Wow! Your lettuce looks great. Mine is just now getting leaves about 3 inches long. Not sure how much of it we will get to enjoy this year. There's always next year:)

  4. I too am 'behind' this year due to weather. I have been doing little bits here and there. We majorly expanded the garden this year, so it has been much work. As of tonight, we have potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts, pole beans, 3 kinds of cucumber, pickle cucumbers and tomatoes. Phew, that is more than I thought! No wonder my back was aching last week.

    Love the pictures, sweet bunny! Love you!!!!!

  5. Cute little fuzzy friends! and what a fun 4-H project!

  6. First.

    Your sweet little country blog looks so good:)


    I know what you mean about the rain. We had much up until 2 wks ago we had a 4 day dry spell break. We tilled it up and planted. and of course when the sun pops out for a few days EVERYTHING comes up at once. A wonderful thing really:) but I commend you for going that extra mile with your hoe and plantiung despite the circumstances anyway. I'm sure God is smiling down upon you:)

    Bunnies! Oh MY word! Like Kristin said, I wished we lived closer. Matt was just reading last night about them and talking about getting some. What an awesome thing for your children to be involved in. Raising them, selling them and then feeding your family with them.

    It was so nice to see what you've been up to.

  7. It's been VERY wet at our place too! I love the bunny pics:) And my husband and I sit out on our front porch every evening like two old geezers listening to the music of frogs I love natures music. Birds in the morning, frogs at night :)

  8. in spite of the rain, you have some great
    progress. and those bunnies . . . so sweet.
    hope they don't get in our garden!

  9. Hi Jenn
    I loved your garden & flower pictures - those flowers are just beautiful! Your daughter's bunnies are so cute - my children would love to get pet rabbits.
    Have a beautiful day

  10. Your bunnies are sooo cute!

    At least you have something planted! We finally got our garden tilled last weekend in between rain showers and it has rained all week. Hoping to get everything planted next weekend. Maybe I'll have lettuce by July, LOL!

  11. Sounds like there are many many of us struggling to get the garden in this year. Mud and wet has become normal. Perhaps we'll all be blessed with a long and lovely autumn to make up for it?

  12. We are trying out the gardening thing this year!! Just a container garden this year, but I think next year we might be seasoned enough to try a real garden! :o) It gets warm early here in TN, so we've already got tomatoes!!

    Those bunny pictures make me need to cuddle with something fluffy! How cool that ya'll do this for 4-H. My daughter will be joining 4-H next year! Can't wait to get involved with it!

    Love your blog and pictures! You do such a good job!! :o) xoxo, Sarah Kate


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