Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where I Live….


Where I live you’ll hear on the local radio station updates on loose live stock.  In the AM it may be three loose horses running free on such and such roads and in the PM its probably a BIG BLACK BULL running down the middle of the road with the ever amusing accompanying music of “Rollin, Rollin, Rollin, Get them Doggies Rollin….RAWHIDE!  ( No joking…this really happens).

Where I live, is the only place you kind find the world’s best and most talented Doggy Landscaper Extraordinaire.  She has done a beautiful job on creating her own doggy pond, don’t you agree? 

doggy pond

If your just aching for one of your own, I’ll be more than happy to loan her out to you!

And only where I live would you be able to spend hours dipping for tadpoles in this glorious doggy waterhole.


Where I live, in my good ole’ country neighborhood you just might be awakened at midnight by the sound of four-wheelers blowing down the dirt roads at top speeds.  If it’s not the four-wheelers its probably the Coons holding a wrestling match or the Coyotes doing doggy karaoke.

Where I live its a big treat for my boys to be allowed to stay up late so that they can go worm hunting.  Yep!  It takes great skill to catch the slippery buggers!  I’ve tried it a time or two and I stink at it.  Joel can catch them by the hundreds on a good night. 

Where I live my yard is a whole lot of this….


and this…


No manicuring has ever been done and if it weren’t for the weeds and wildflowers we wouldn’t have much of a lawn!

Where I live I hear the wind rushing through the leaves on the trees.  I hear the rooster down the road crowing.  I hear the birds belting out their musicals. I hear the neighbors dogs barking now and then.  I hear the laundry snapping on the line.  I hear the frogs chrumming in the creek.

I hear peacefulness. 

I feel calm.

I feel GOD!


  1. You know I loved this post:)

    A true country girl. Living a true country life.

    I think we all need to write up a post about where we come from:)

    good stuff:)

  2. Amanda, you are right! As I was typing this up, I kept thinking how this would make a great one day link up type post about where we live! I might just have to do that! :)

  3. Oh, your place looks and sounds just like mine. I wrote a story about the rooster down the road crowing. Posting it next week:)
    I love the country, animals and dandelions, and birds of all kinds...even with the circle of life going on:) My husband and I sit outside all the time and mention how peaceful it is...I love it out here!

  4. Total fun-ness, comin' from your neck of the woods.

    That's what I'm hearin'.

  5. feeling God in nature is one of my favorite things. beautiful.

  6. Where you live...sounds like so much fun, like a place where you can have such wonderful family time! And I love this:
    "I hear peacefulness.

    I feel calm.

    I feel GOD!"

  7. I love this post!
    and that just confirms why I love you so!
    God is sooooo good!

  8. *Love* it! I'm comin' over...


  9. Jenn, I literally have tears - this is beautiful. And it makes me so homesick for the country! Can I come live where you live? :)

    We are going to Indy in two days and I cannot wait to take a walk on a country road.

  10. I'm right there with you! We live on the edge of our tiny town, pop. 4,000. The past month we've been getting wafts of manure. Probably disgusting to most, but to us, it means planting is in progress and fresh veggies are just around the corner! Love hearing the roosters crowing, slowing down for chickens on the road, and an occasional deer, cow, or goat. Yep, I'm a country gal! :)

  11. I love this!
    I love being a country girl too!
    I wrote about it last fall.
    And I love that we get to experience our life in slow motion instead of at break neck speed!
    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos!
    Love, Kristin


  12. We live in the country too, and it is such a blessing. My favorite sounds are the frogs chirping, the hoot of the owls, and the sweet song of the whippoorwills. Glad you feel the peacefulness too. :)


  13. You know I miss "home"! Loved hearing all those noises this week. So glad I had a chance to see you. Love ya, sis!


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