Friday, May 13, 2011

My First Senior Photo Session


This week I had my first ever Senior Photo Shoot!  It was so much fun! What made it even more special is that I love this girl!  She is the sweetest, most beautiful girl!  She is my crocheting buddy. We have spent some wonderful afternoons together crocheting together, sipping on flavored coffee, and chatting the hours away. I love this girl!





Isn’t she Beautiful!  And let me tell you she’s got a heart of gold to go with all that beauty!


  1. She is! She is!

    Oh, you've truly captured some great shots.

    The color is so vivid!

    If only we lived a little closer so you could do my prenatal photo shoot;)

    My sister in law is giving me a baby shower dinner this Sunday night and we are planning on trying to get a little baby photo shoot in...but oh if you could go to the dinner with me:)

  2. These are amazing!! Seriously, her eyes, her obvious inside/outside beauty, and your immense talent... LOVE it!

  3. Oh Jenn you rocked this shoot!!!
    I'm sure this beautiful young gal is pleased as punch with all her photos! What a fun first session for you, I'm sure that neither of you will ever forget!

  4. Jenn, you took some beautiful photographs of a beautiful young lady! You did such a good job! Just wonderful work. :)

    I just caught up on a few of your posts. I started a new blog a little while ago, that is more Bible study posts and lessons than anything else. It is I have particularly been working on taking one day at a time. That's really what Christianity and Cancer both really teach you. It's a shame we (meaning me and most of us) don't more readily understand that...that we have to work so hard to come to grips with that reality.

    I wonder if you might want to read a few of the posts? You may have to go back a few, life has been way too busy the last few weeks to put as much into a Bible study post as I like to normally do. Plus it is just nice to be purely lighthearted at times.

    I am not trying to garner followers, just hoping to encourage you, as you have encouraged me.

    I hope your day is lovely.

  5. they are wonderful.
    i'm about to attempt my first senior pics of my niece. hope they turn out as nice as yours!!!

  6. Talent!!!--- I wish you lived closer to me!!

    I know she must be thrilled with the outcome!

  7. What a beauty! She's a lucky girl to have such great photos! Fantastic job, Jenn.

  8. Great job Jenn!
    She is a gorgeous girl!
    Love her pretty smile and lovely eyes!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl!
    Great job, Jenn! :)

  10. How blessed she is to have had you take those photos to commemorate her grad! Yes, she is lovely. And your photos are gorgeous...what a blessing!


  11. You did an amazing job! Beautiful photos of a beautiful girl.

  12. did an amazing job! The girl and the photos are beautiful!!!


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