Thursday, May 5, 2011

Everlasting Love

In the early years of my marriage, I learned to tell myself that my dreams of romance and being swept off my feet were not going to be realized anymore. I had believed, despite all the wisdom that had been shared with me, that my marriage would fulfill my deepest desire to be wanted and loved and be the princess of my prince. The love of my life was still by my side, and I still loved him dearly, but my ideals for our marriage were fading fast.

I was immensely disappointed.

Where were the days of just us, soaking in one another? Gazing at each other in adoration? I remember many days of just missing him, and feeling so lonely even though we were married and lived together. I longed to feel I was someone he couldn’t live without. I desired to know I was his all in all.

Gone were the days of my man coming and spending hours with just me. With marriage, his pursuit stopped. I was busy with college. He was busy with work and the fire department. A new normal began. A normal of just living….

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  1. I read the whole article, and it is so good! I appreciate you sharing openly. It was also an encouraging and practical article for me personally.

  2. The pursuit may end but within the new normal you have to push through and find those moments to just stop and 'soak' in each-other again.

    Those happier ever after stories never tell ya how much work goes into that! :o)

    Wonderful post sweetie!

    God bless your day and your happier ever after!

  3. I can relate already. I'm heading over to the Well... to finish the read. ;)

  4. Great article Jenn. I was blessed with a grandma that taught me these things and told me in the end, when the kids are gone, you will only have each other left...will you pass the test of time? She didn't know I would gain custody of 3 grandchildren. HAHA!

  5. What a great article.

    And so very, very true.

    If we look to our husband to meet all of our needs, we are truly in for a let down...

    God MUSt be our number one source of EVERYTHING. I truly believe once a person loses SELF, then they can receive the blessings that God has to offer. And the marriage is the number one place this can happen.

  6. I'm just a teenage girl who's obviously not even thinking about marriage, but this really helped me out. I think the Bible makes it very plain that a girl's relationship with her father prepares her for marriage in some ways. Lately I've been realizing that a daughter needs to let her father know when she needs affection or encouragement--just like, years later, that same daughter would need to let her husband know. I think that's kind of cool. Great post. :D



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