Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday~ 05/01


I have decided to combine my photography blog Windows To My Soul with my main blog. It has become too time consuming to try to keep up with two blogs, so for now I will be posting a bit more photography here along with my usual ramblings. Here’s hoping I don’t scare a bunch of you off! :)

This weeks items:  Architecture, Rimmed with Light, Toes or Feet, This is my favorite…, Shade(s)


Architecture (of sorts)

tumbled down barn-w


Rimmed with Light

clouds rimmed with sunlight

Toes or Feet



This Is (one of) My Favorite (photography models)…






 scavenger hunt

For more Scavenger Hunt items head on over to Ashley’s at Ramblings and Photos.


  1. Your beautiful Jenn! love the shades!
    and your favorite model is beautiful too! Love the new hat you made!!! We would have so much fun together, I just know it!
    Oh and the barn! What a beauty! I can just picture little ones running around out there, oh the stories it beholds! A lovely find girl!

  2. Great pictures! I LOVE the architecture photo. That is a beautiful old building.

  3. Glad you're back! Love the 'Favorite' picture and Shades!

  4. All of your shots are the pink nail polish. My favorite of these shots is the old barn. I love to photograph them, too. :)

    I'm here from Ashley's Ramblings and Photos SHS. Have a great day!

  5. Wow beautiful shots! Love all of them!!

  6. Very nice pictures, and your Architecture looks lovely nostalgic ;))

  7. love.them.all!

    Great idea to add them to your blog. I'm sure it's easier to keep up with things.

    I saw your etsy shop header at the top and clicked over to take a peak at whats new and oh my word!

    I'm loving your crochet work!

    {Sadie wore her hair tie to easter Sunday and had so many compliments on it:)
    She loves it.

  8. I always love your work but I especially love your first shot!

  9. Oh these are so good Jenn especially that model of yours.

    I combined 2 of my blogs recently aswell and exported all the posts from one blog into the one I was keeping.

  10. These are beautiful shots! I really enjoy your photography.

  11. These are great photos. Looks like you had fun. Great pink nail polish!!!

  12. All of your photos are gorgeous this week.

  13. Jenn!! These are beautiful! I love painted toes on little girls.-- so sweet!

  14. gorgeous photos! i love your little model, too.

  15. Yay! You're back! Love your pics, as always!

  16. Great architecture shot, love the little toes too.

  17. whoooooo whee, those are some cute feet :) I hope you find joining the two spaces makes things easier for you (said selfishly so i can keep up with you, lol)

  18. They're all so good.

    You're amazing!!! Have a wonderful week. ;)

  19. They are all very good. I'm glad that you are figuring out how to manage your time better. We all need to work on it.

    Miss you!

  20. You are quite a talent my friend, your pictures are always amazin'! I adore the "Rimmed with Light" photo...excellent!

    God bless and have a glorious day sweetie! :o)

  21. Loooooove it! :) I'm so glad you decided on an alternative to quitting blogging. :) *heart*! :)

  22. You keep inspiring me. I'm going to have to get brave and post some of the pictures I've been taking. I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm sure having fun doing it! Love you're photos. You're a knock out!

  23. FANTASTIC set. WOw - that BARN!! Love it ;D

  24. Lovely pictures Jenn & you are just beautiful!
    You are a very talented photographer - I always enjoy seeing your work!
    Have a fantastic day

  25. Fabulous photos! Especially like the barn. wb


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