Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scavenger Hunt~ 05/29

This weeks items: Classic Still Life, Self-portrait, On the Floor, Lines, Fresh


Classic Still Life

A few of my favorite things….beautiful old books and tea cups!

still life-w


I had in my mind to do a really fantastic self-portrait.  The week got away from me and so this is what I came up with.  Me at my computer….editing.  With a bit of caffeine refreshment to boost my creativity!  My daughter just came up to me and asked me why my face looked like that.  HMMM! I’m not sure!  I think I was trying to go for the….Yep, I’m at it again look or something of the sort!


On the Floor

A simple documentary style photograph of my daughter playing with a game on our living room floor.



Leading lines…I love all the lines on this old barn that lead to my beautiful friend!




Drops of rain on delicate Soapwort flowers =  fresh and beautiful spring!


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scavenger hunt


  1. Your photographs always inspire me and this week is no exception. Love your first shot - reminds me of photographs I used to look at in art classes years ago. Beautiful work.

  2. If it wasn't for that keyboard (which I didn't even notice on my first glance) that selfie looks like it could be straight out of the 1950's. I guess the Coke can would have to be a glass bottle too, though. But still... something about that photo just feels so fresh today as it would have 50 years ago. Love it. Great job Jenn!

  3. Great photos,and i love your first shot ;)
    - and your daughter is lovely ;)))

  4. All great shots...really love your classic still life - beautiful :)

  5. You are just gorgeous dear friend! I have to agree with Jess, this photo is so very nostalgic...I love it!

  6. I pretty much love every single picture!

  7. Oh! I love this set! Coke is the only way to get caffeine at it's best and I love your eyes in the shot. Your leading lines (and friend) are beautiful! Love the flowers, still-life and on the floor, also!

  8. Wow, great entries. The first one is amazing, love the composition, the texture, great photo.

  9. I tend to look bored a lot of the time when taking self portraits! don't know why!
    I love the first shot - I have that tea cup too!

  10. Lovely set! I am digging your still life one and your selfie is fabulous ;D

  11. so beautiful. love! all of the above! :)

  12. all so pretty! Love the texture and processing! I especially love the lighting on your daughter for the floor shot--great job capturing the moment.

  13. Your photos are incredible! I love painting still lifes. Nice setup with the teacup too!

  14. beautuiful,beautiful,beautiful!

    all of them. beautiful:)

    Of course I always love seeing self portraits;)

  15. You are stunning, my friend. I for one love that expression on you! And your little one - when did she get so big!?

  16. Beautiful pictures, Jenn. I always enjoy your God centered words. I hope your day is lovely!



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