Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Amphibian Study- Salamanders

We have been studying amphibians for our nature study this summer. A couple of days ago, Joel found 6 salamanders while working on an elderly neighbors old well pit. He brought the salamanders home to show the boys. We were all excited over the seldom seen creatures. I was especially happy since I knew I could turn it into a nature study!

First we looked for information about salamanders on the Internet. I found a kid friendly site that had some interesting facts about salamanders. It also listed the main types, their habitat and what they eat. The boys were able to identify the salamanders we had as Spotted Salamanders and a Blue Spotted Salamander. Next they went hunting for dinner for our guests. They had a grand time watching the salamanders down worms and crickets! Finally, we worked on our nature notebook. The boys drew pictures of the salamanders. Then they wrote down what salamanders eat, their habitat and some facts they found interesting. We are enjoying our nature study this summer. The boys are having fun with the catch and release portion! They also like drawing the pictures. It will be great to be able to look their books this winter when nature is sleeping.


  1. Oh my goodness!!! Your boys are heroes in my book! You name it- any type of amphibian makes this gal go the other way.

    On the flip side, great "hands on" lesson.

  2. I was just feeling bummed today over being a working mom while my kids are at home for the summer but you just gave me a great way to spend some quality time with my boys in the evenings. I had never thought of keeping a nature notebook - something I know my boys will enjoy putting together. Thanks for sharing!



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