Friday, June 13, 2008

Welcome To My Garden

I first discovered the joys of gardening 11 years ago. Joel and I were moving into our first home, after living in an apartment for 4 years. I suddenly had the desire to surround my home with beautiful plants and flowers. Joel's parents were moving from their home at the same time, so I got my shovel and helped myself to all the various perennials in my mother-in-laws garden. Five years later we moved out of town into the country. I can't tell you how elated I was, me being a country girl to begin with and all. Anyway, I ended up starting all over with my garden. But, once again I got starts from my previous flower garden.

Do you sense a bit of frugality in me?!

Every plant I have in my garden has come from starts from someone elses garden or as gifts! I am a frugal gardener at heart! But mostly I am blessed with friends and family who are willing to share. Any annuals I have, I usually start from seed I have collected from previous summers. Some seed I start indoors in March. Other seed I sow directly in the ground. The picture above is lacking my annuals. They haven't bloomed yet. Actually they are not very big yet! We had a really cold spring so I had to plant later this year.

I enjoy gardening so much that I have 3 other flower gardens and a large vegetable garden. In March you can find me peering closely at the ground for signs of new green life poking through the cold soil. I get antsy and a little impatient to be working in the dirt.

When I am out working in my gardens I have such peace and tranquility. Its my quiet time. A time to enjoy the beauty around me and meditate on the One who has blessed me with it. Looking at the variation in the plants just reminds me how great God is. How amazing it is to look at just the plants in my little garden and see all the many differences between the plants. How awesome it is to think about the intricacies of each little flower and leaf. He has given me so much to marvel at and enjoy.

To see more spring gardens visit The Preachers Wife and take a wonderful tour of other bloggers gardens.


  1. Beautiful photography!

    That's awesome how you start your annuals from your own seeds.

    I've tried doing the indoor thing w/store bought seeds and never had much luck!

  2. I haven't started much from seed, but maybe eventually. I do love to buy perennials that I can divide every year or two, though! I feel really frugal then! And I feel the same peaceful way, marveling at God's creation ~ except mosquitos! That's on my list of questions to ask God someday: WHAT purpose do they serve???

  3. Hey Jenn,

    Check your link for the slideshow. You have an extra 'L' in HILL. We can figure it out but I don't want anyone to miss all your great pictures! ;))

  4. Wow, now you are really a gardener. That is absolutely beautiful!!

  5. Oh wow! I have really enjoyed strolling through your garden! You have a wonderful gift. Wish I lived closer to you so you could come on over and give me pointers! :)

  6. Gorgeous flowers. I really enjoyed the slide show!

  7. Your house looks a LOT like my house! Only I have red shutters. And... I'm beautiful garden-less. I have a black thumb that even my pink gardening gloves cannot hide.

  8. You have the heart of a true gardener. How neat to have everything in your garden start from someone you know. There's no better way.

  9. I echo your love for being outdoors... I just need a good strong shove to get me out there. But once I'm out, I love it. =0)

    Great photos! And I think it's awesome that you get such beautiful gifts from your family and friends. I think I'm going to start asking for the same!

    Thanks for the tour!

  10. So pretty! No matter how bad a day goes, it all goes away when you are in a beautiful garden!

    I love it!


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