Sunday, June 15, 2008

Busy Weekend

Saturday started freezing and canning season in my household. Isaac and I spent a good portion of our day making Strawberry Jam. We put 9 batches of jam in the freezer. It was a lot of work, but as Ikey said, "this tastes so g-0-0-d, that stuff at the store is gross." The rest of the strawberries that we pick or purchase will go in the freezer. We will use them this winter to make Berry Breakfast Smoothies.

We had an enjoyable Fathers Day. We celebrated with Joel's parents, sisters family and my parents. They all joined us at our house for dinner. It was a relaxing afternoon. It was especially special to be able to be able to spend the day with both my dad, father-in-law and husband. I have some incredible men in my life.

Isaac made this Happy Fathers Day creation out of Legos to show his appreciation for his Dad, Grandpas and Uncle. After we got home from church, he rushed downstairs to the playroom and had this put together within 30 minutes! I thought it was really creative and thoughtful. What a great center piece for out Fathers Day celebration!

Later in the evening as I was getting the boys ready for bed. Jacpb looked at me shocked and said, "We're going to bed without supper?" To which I replied, " No, we all ate." Joel had made popcorn, I had sliced up a bowl of fresh strawberries and we finished up the left over raw veggies from the party. He said, "Well, all I had was strawberries. I thought it was just a snack." I told him I was sorry but it was late and he needed to go to bed. He shuffled down the hallway to his bedroom. Joel told him he didn't think he was going to starve to death.

To which Jacob replied, " yes, I will."

Joel said, "Well, I'll miss you when your gone."

Jacob, in a very serious tone, said, "I want to be buried next to Grandpa Reese."


Since I didn't want him to pass away from hunger, I gave him a bowl of popcorn!


  1. How fun and creative!!-- Legos!! :)

    Also, do you think you could send some of that jam my way? I LOVE strawberry-- but no one else here does. :( So, it would be ALLL mine.

    Cute post!

  2. Haha.. if I don't make something hot for breakfast, my children will tell people that I didn't feed them today. As if fruit, yogurt, granola, hardboiled eggs, cereal, etc don't count.

    We just opened our last jar of strawberry jam from last summer - perfect timing! I made a TON of it, and it was just enough to get us through the year. I think we'll need more this year as we have another eater since last year (my boy who is now going on 2, didn't eat much jam he recently joined the ranks of big kid appetites), and all the other appetites have grown! ;-)

  3. Oh my word....this is hilarious! He even knew where he wanted to be buried! Cracked me up.

    And yum...strawberry jam....makes me miss the jam my mom makes every year!

    Thanks for dropping by! I'll be back to visit!


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