Monday, June 30, 2008

Cute And Not So Cute

Cute- her dimples

Not So Cute- her Vulcan death grip. No biting here folks, just the claws of death.

Cute- the way she looks in the mirror and shakes her head to make her ponytails jounce.

Not So Cute- her scream of discontent when, in her mind, the slightest infraction has take

Cute- the way she walks around holding her babies and kissing them on the head.

Not So Cute- after she burps or passes gas, she says, "Excuse you, Mama" (just a tad embarrasing in public places, if ya know what I mean!)

Cute- when she says, "please Mama" or "help Mama" or "day-doo Mama" (such a polite child!)

Not So Cute- her propensity to color on anything that looks like a blank canvas

Cute- How she gets super excited over simple pleasures- like icee pops!

Cute- How she loves her brothers and calls for them at the top of her lungs- "BOYS"!

Cute- Her beautiful blue eyes, curly hair, heart shaped lips, pudgy belly and baby smell.

I love this age! Sometimes her little 2-year-old quirks can be pretty frustrating, but for the most part she just makes me laugh! She is growing and changing so much each day. I am hoping to capture the essence of my little girl, so that I can read back over these posts when she is older and remember the days spent with my precious gift from God.


  1. This is awesome! And I can so relate...Savannah just turned 2 1/2 this past week.

    "Excuse you, Mama"....hahahaha!

    But it's nice to see the "Cute" outweighs the "Not Cute". How can you resist that sweet little face??

  2. I just read that part to my husband and we are totally laughing... excuse you, Mama! So funny!

    She is a doll!

  3. She is allot cute...that makes up for the "not so cute."

  4. Sounds like she has everyone well trained :)

  5. very cute post! I love that sweet girl! What an adorable picture!


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