Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Simple Organization

When my daughter began eating baby food I found that Gerber had gotten away from the glass jars with metal lids. They had began putting the food into small plastic boxes with tight fitting lids. I wasn't sure what I would use them for, but I figured they would be good for storing something so I kept some of them.

This is one thing that I am using them for now:

I have put all of my 2-year-old daughters hair accessories into the handy Gerber containers then store them in a drawer in my bathroom vanity. This helps keep them all in one spot and organized. It works for me!

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  1. I love this idea! I wish I'd thought to do the same thing. Our hair accessory container is a nightmare!

  2. Great Idea!

  3. I love this idea! Especially since they are see-through. I'm also wishing I would have thought of this back when. :)

  4. You're a genius! :) Now I wish I had kept these plastic containers, I could be so organized!

  5. Great idea! I always have my girls hair stuff all over the place! Thanks!

  6. Things sure have come a long way since Snow White was little! Back then, I did save the glass baby food jars to store buttons, beads, etc. The plastic ones would have been SO much more useful:)


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