Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why We Homeschool- Reason #4

The 4th reason why we homeschool is one that causes great debates among many people so prepare yourself and don't get to riled at me!

  • We homeschool because Joel and I desire to protect our children from the world of public school.

Many of you may not agree with us and that is okay, you don't have to. This decision is based on my experiences as a public school student and as a teacher and substitute teacher. When the time came to decide what schooling our children would have, the sinfulness of the public school concerned me. What I discovered is that the language and discussions, even in a 1st grade classroom, were not something I wanted to expose my children to. I especially believe this now that I know that 2 of my children tend to be followers, like I was at that age. As a child I wanted people to like me so desperately that I would do whatever they said. I didn't have the strength or strong character to go my own way, I just followed the crowd. I don't want that for my children. So to protect them, we homeschool.

Now, I know the arguement is that I can't shelter them from society it will only make them unable to cope when they are out on their own. I absolutely agree with this statement, because I have seen it happen. Therefore, we try to find a middle ground. We shelter our children, but we don't seclude them. We use a curriculum that teaches about other countries, people and their cultures. My boys have friends that they play with now and then that attend public schools. We are involved in 4-H and homeschooling events, etc.

So see we aren't total recluses!

I believe that my children aren't ready for all that this world has to offer. I will protect their minds and keep them innocent as long as I can. I want to develop in them a strong moral base. One that they can stand firmly on when they are older. So that when they are faced with difficult decisions they will be able to choose wisely.

I am not ready to throw my lambs to the wolves of this world. They are my lambs and the world can't have them yet.


  1. Totally respect you and hubby on this.
    I heard a statement one time and I refer to it often when I overhear someone talking about being too protective.... "You only have my child for a short 18 years".
    So true... so during that 18 years, it's my responsibilty to.... parent! :)

  2. Correction: "You only have your child for a short 18 years."

  3. I'm completely with you on this. I heard a great analogy in respect to this concept.

    When you start a plant in a greenhouse, you're preparing it for life starting in an environment it can thrive in. Before you plant it, it first needs to develop and grow good roots(for our children, a good Biblical foundation), and even still before you plant that plant outside you still keep it in it's container, and slowly "harden" it to the outside world (maybe bringing it back in inside. In respect to our kids, showing them ministry to others through our example then coming back to the safety of our home). It becomes able to withstand the elements and has the roots to be planted in the earth outside then. If you tried to plant it before the roots were developed it would just die off. If you tried to plant it before "hardening" it then it might survive, it might not, it might survive with some damage to it's growth.


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